“We think Hospice means death, but as we watched you all take care of her, we realized it really means celebrating life.”

-Mike M

Southern Utah Hospice prides itself in providing medical, emotional and spiritual care for all adult individuals facing and coping with a life compromising illness. We are service oriented clinicians who provide compassionate care for you and your loved ones.

Our clinical team is led by Dr. Brett Wallin. Our clinicians have more than 20 years of combined experience in patient centered care and we look forward to serving you.


Our highly specialized and talented team wants to be the support you need as you or your loved one approaches end of life care. We offer several services that provide end of life care led by our Medical director including:

Medical Services

Our registered nurses focus on patient comfort by controlling pain and managing other symptoms. Our nurses also order equipment, medications and supplies all under the supervision of our Medical Director. Certified Nursing Assistants assist with showering, companionship and other daily living activities.

Emotional Support

Social Workers help manage the emotional aspects of late stage illness offering support to the patient and the family. If the patient desires, chaplains provide spiritual support based on their personal beliefs.

Bereavement Support

Our Bereavement program offers one on one visits, phone calls and literature to family members for up to 13 months following patient’s death.


Southern Utah Hospice services are provided in the patient’s place of residence for as long as the patient needs the care. Hospice helps create an environment of dignity, love and comfort care.

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